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CEO of GoodVisualz Productions

Dat Mayne DeeWayne is the owner and operator of Good Visualz Productions. 
Recognized as an award winning filmmaker for such awards as the NAACP & Ford Cinematic Short Film Cinematic competition and various other film festivals. 

Dat Mayne DeeWayne began his entertainment career a rapper with the group Texabama.  After years of learning the entertainment industry from the viewpoint of a musical artist; Dat Mayne decided that it was time to follow his lifelong dream of being a filmmaker. 

After being introduced to his mentor Mike L Jackson and working as assistant director on the films Solomon's Dilemma and Cost Effective Dat Mayne embarked on writing and directing his first film called Freeword: Moment of Impact. 

The film won the Freedom Film Award at the Hollywood South Film Festival and was also nominated as a semi-finalist for the Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition.  Included with the film was a full soundtrack for which Dat Mayne DeeWayne invited many of his fellow musical artist to contribute.  Along with the album 2 music videos were released to go along with the film.

Most recently Dat Mayne DeeWayne has released his second film entitled Policing which was co-written by Mike L Jackson and executive produced by the NAACP and Ford.

The film premiered in Hollywood at the Museum of Tolerance Theatre to a packed house.  The film has recently had an online screening and was very well received, so much so that a second showing was added.

 Along with the online screening the song Policing which is performed by Dat Mayne DeeWayne, Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson and Lil Aubrey from the soundtrack for the film of the same name was chosen to be performed on the San Antonio MLK Day Virtual march which aired on WOAI and Fox29.   

Dat Mayne DeeWayne is also a very creative music video director with many videos under his belt that show his versatility and ability to be able to bring various stories to life.   He has also created various commercials for local businesses which have garnered thousands of views on social media.

With an eye toward the future and more projects lined up Dat Mayne DeeWayne is determined to make his mark and show that he capable of creating content that is not only entertaining but will also create conversation.

Artists have mentioned that they have been blown away by the creativity and easy to work with approach that Dat Mayne Deewayne uses to bring the most out of the vision.  His professionalism is off the charts which allows the client to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be themselves and trust the process that Good Visualz has created.

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DW Goodloe has assumed the role of Executive Producer at DMPBoxing, a rising star in the world of boxing promotions based in South Texas. Collaborating with Fighters First Management, DMPBoxing is poised to shake up the industry. Their debut event on March 26, 2024 at the Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio was a resounding success, drawing over 2000 enthusiastic fans. Titled "DMPBoxing Presents: Fighters First Showcase, Sponsored by Quintana Rum," the event featured headline fighters Gio Cabrerra, Justin Figueroa, and Sharahya Moreau.

Buoyed by the success of their inaugural event, DMPBoxing is already in discussions for another bout in the fall, with expectations of an even larger turnout. Positioned to continue their winning streak, they are committed to delivering world-class boxing events. Their mission extends beyond just putting on thrilling fights; they aim to redefine the fan experience in boxing promotions. With a dedication to creating unforgettable events and prioritizing fan satisfaction, DMPBoxing is set to establish themselves as a premier force in the industry.

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Cinematic Short Film Competition

In 2019 Dat Mayne DeeWayne was chosen as a finalist in the NAACP and Ford Cinematic Short Film Competition and won the contest with his short film titled "The Conference." 

For winning the competition Dat Mayne DeeWayne was awarded a budget to expand on the film which he turned into "Policing."  Policing deals with a black mother whos oldest son was killed by another officer who subsequently gets off fro the murder.  The story picks up on her first day back to work and deals with the emotions that she deals with the emotions of her choice and whether she belongs anymore.  She gets a chance to confront her child's killer in an emotional experience of healing.  

Policing premiered in Hollywood at the NAACP 2020 Hollywood Symposium in the Museum of Tolerance during the NAACP 2020 Awards Show.



A Founding Member

Within the SABIFF team, DW Goodloe plays a vital role in bringing Ada Babineaux's vision to life. As a dedicated member of the team, DW works closely with Ada, ensuring that her vision for the festival is realized in every aspect. Together, they collaborate to promote and celebrate black filmmakers and their works, striving to create a platform that honors diversity, excellence, and innovation in cinema.
DW's commitment to SABIFF is not just about fulfilling his role within the team but also about supporting and amplifying Ada's leadership. He shares her passion for showcasing masterful black cinema and works tirelessly to help SABIFF grow and thrive under her guidance. With Ada's vision as their guiding light, DW and the rest of the team are united in their mission to make SABIFF a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for filmmakers and audiences alike.

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Creative and Reliable

Good Visualz is an innovative, flexible, full-service production company that develops and produces a wide range of projects from music videos, training videos, promotional presentations and short film production along with everything in between. Our sole mission is to provide quality video coverage with the latest equipment, technology, and techniques to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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